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Proper Lawn Care

Is it possible to have a healthy green lawn and still be kind to the environment?

The answer is YES and here's how...

  • Cut your lawn to a length of 2.5 to 3 inches in height. This is the ideal height for grass. Cutting it too short causes it to burn and helps form weeds.
  • Water your lawn only when needed. Soak each area for at least 30 minutes for deeper root growth. The best time is in the early morning. Avoid evening watering due to excess moisture, which makes your lawn susceptible to fungus such as moss or mushrooms.
  • Leave grass clippings on your lawn. They act as a natural fertilizer. Try not to bag your grass clippings more than twice a year.
  • Use a hand rake to remove dead grass in the spring. Or you can hire a professional to aerate your lawn, once it has thawed. Dethaching in spring is not recommended.
  • DON'T BE OVERSOLD by lawn care companies. You don't need to have 5 applications of fertilizer and chemicals on your lawn in one year.
  • Help protect the lake by using a low Phosphorous, slow release granular fertilizer such as one that has the following numbers... 28 - 3 - 10 (Nitrogen/Phosphorous/Potash) to de-weed and feed your lawn at the same time. (Often referred to as 'Weed and Feed'). The lower the middle number is, the better. The best time to do so is in spring or early summer, when weeds are germinating.
  • Weed and Feed fertilizer contains a growth hormone (Herbicide) to speed up the life-cycle of the weed in order to kill it - not actual poison. Therefore, use only once a year. Avoid spraying your lawn with fertilizer for it is less effective than granular fertilizer (Used with a spreader), because spray fertilizer can be washed away into the lake more easily than slow release granular fertilizer
It's that simple, proper watering and cutting are the two most important factors for a healthy lawn, which in turn is less susceptible to weeds and disease. Applying a lot of fertilizer is NOT necessary. By having a strong healthy lawn, you actually have to use less fertilizer and avoid spraying pesticides (Kills grubs and other insects) which are cancerous.

The only drawback is the water used from your well which is drawn from aquifers. Experts have few estimates on how long these aquifers (underground rivers) will supply us with fresh water, therefore ensure you water only when necessary or have a rain sensor installed on your water sprinkler system.

For more info on why Phosphorous/Herbicide is harmful to our lake, click here.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: After years of researching and searching for a reputable lawn care company, PPL recommends the following company based on their use of strictly natural (truly organic) products for lawn care.

In addition, all of their products are pesticide free. If you require service on your lawn, give them a call. They are highly regarded by others.

The Environmental Factor Lawn Care Service
Francois Hamann
Phone: (647)218-9675

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