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Neighbourhood Watch

We ask all residents to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity in your neighourhood.

If you notice someone attempting a break and enter, then call 911 immediately. Your identity will be kept confidential in the case of an arrest.

Prowlers or suspicious persons should be noted by recording their license plate number and make, model of vehicle. In addition, try to get an accurate description of their identity.

Regarding Trespassers around our lake, the Police ask that you call 905-881-1221
(or for other non-emergency incidents). Trespassing is not permitted on or around Preston Lake, for the entire perimeter of the lake is surrounded by private property.

Residents should make any trespassers aware of this in a friendly manner, however if they fail to leave, then call the police. All residents 'guests' must be accompanied by the resident(s) when on the lake.

In order to best protect your home and property, the York Regional Police recommend the following precautions...

  • Keep lights on outside of your home at night or install motion sensors.
  • Install an alarm and ensure alarm stickers are visible on all doors.
  • If possible, keep a car parked in your driveway when no one is home.
  • Keep driveways and pathways free of snow.
  • Alert a neighbour, if you are going away on vacation.
  • Cancel delivery of newspapers until you return from vacation.
  • Do not state "that no one is home", in your telephone message.
  • Place a piece of wood in-between sliding doors & windows. i.e. Patio doors.
  • Reinforce all exterior doors with dead-bolt locks using 3 inch screws with door frame reinforcer. Most criminals simply kick open the door. The frame of the door being the weakest link.

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