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Fishing Rules & Regulations

Preston Lake is a private lake. Therefore trespassing is not permitted, for the entire perimeter of the lake is surrounded by completely private land. All parks, recereation areas and shoreline beaches are for the use of members and their guests only. Any guest or visitor must be accompanied by a resident at all times.
In addition, Gasoline powered engines are NOT permitted on the lake in any capacity.

At the request of the TRCA (Toronto Region & Conservation Authority) all residents and guests of Preston Lake are asked to refrain from fishing until June 30th and all fishermen are asked to practice a strict catch & release only policy. It's only with your cooperation that we can preserve and protect this fragile ecosystem.

If you witness any trespassing on Preston Lake or any violations of the catch & release policy, please call the York Region Police non-emergency Hotline at 905-881-1221 or the Ministry of Natural Resources Tips Reporting Line: 1-877-TIPS-MNR (847-7667)

PLEASE DON'T POLLUTE! Help keep our lake clean - do not throw anything into the water!

All residents and guests must follow the following rules and regulations set forth by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. To view the 2016 Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary on-line, click here.

This year Bass fishing season opens on Saturday, June 25th at 12:01am. The season closes on Saturday, November 26, 2016.

  1. All fishermen must have a valid 2016 Fishing License
    ($15 for Full fishing license or $7.50 for Conservation license) + an Ontario Outdoors Card. No fishing is permitted without a current valid license or Outdoors card.
    Click here for more info. Or you can renew it online by going to the MNR site.
  2. The maximum amount of Bass you may catch and keep per day is six
    (Full license) or just two per day with a Conservation License.
  3. Fishing out of season can get you a fine of $50,000 and or the loss of your vehicle.
  4. No live fish or spawn may be transferred from one body of water to another without the consent of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. In other words, please do not dump any type of fish into the lake. Example, Goldfish (Carp family) are bottom feeders which stir up the lake bottom, thus they reduce water clarity and eat other fish eggs.
  5. Do not use other types of fish for bait, only worms are permitted.

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