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Catch & Release Program

PPL asks that you kindly release back into the water all bass. Please help out, by doing so you will be able to fish for bigger bass and allow future generations to enjoy the great sport of fishing. Ask any avid angler and they will tell you that... 'pound for pound' - big Bass offer the greatest fight of any freshwater fish!

Ensure the survival of released fish by using the following 'Catch and Release' techniques:

  • Don't play around - land fish quickly. Struggling for too long causes a buildup of lactic acids in the fish, which can be fatal.
  • Keep the fish in the water as much as possible. If possible, remove the hook without removing the fish from the water.
  • Wet your hands before lifting the fish. If it is necessary to set the fish down, place it on a smooth, wet surface.
  • Never lift fish by the eye sockets or gills. Use both hands to support the fish's weight evenly along the body or gently use the lower lip.
  • Don't drop the fish in the boat or allow it to thrash around on the shore. Fish bruise easily and damage to internal organs can be fatal.
  • Cut the line if the hook is too deep in the throat or stomach. Fish are much more likely to survive if deeply embedded hooks are left in place and allowed to dissolve.
  • Don't use Stainless steel hooks, they do not dissolve well. Avoid using treble hooks as well (3 hooks in 1). Use barbless hooks, they are easier to remove.
  • If the hook is in the lip, hold the fish gently at the base of the head just behind the gill covers and remove the hook with needlenose pliers. Be very careful not to squeeze the fish too hard.
  • An unconscious fish can be revived by holding it upright in the water and gently moving it back and forth. Don't release the fish until you are sure it can swim away on its own.
  • A fish that can be legally kept - should NOT be released if it is bleeding heavily. Remove it from the water.
  • You cannot fish intentionally for any species during its closed season.
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