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Fish Species

Largemouth Bass

Average length = 10" - 22" Weight = 0.7 - 5 lbs.

Largemouth Bass is the most popular type of fish found in Preston Lake.
On August 1, 1976, the Canadian record was set in Preston Lake when a 10.4 lb Largemouth Bass was caught.

By following the Catch and Release program we can help protect our bass population.

Reminder: You are only allowed to catch and keep a maximum of 6 Bass
per day, providing its bass season and you have a valid fishing license or just 2 Bass per day with a conservation license. Fishing is NOT permitted without a license. No trespassing is allowed. All anglers must be accompanied by a resident at all times.

Please do not fish for bass prior to the last week in June. By doing so, you can disturb the spawning of bass. The male bass help to protect the eggs
and will attack anything that comes close to their nest, including any fishing lures. Once the bass leave the nest, other fish such as Perch, will come in and eat the eggs. Violators can be reported here.

Yellow Perch

Average length = 6 - 12 inches Weight = 0.4 - 1 lb.

Although Yellow Perch (Tiger-striped perch) only often grow to less than a pound, these feisty fish are considered quite tasty by many. The Ministry of Natural Resources puts no limit on the amount of Perch you may catch and keep. Despite the rumors that these fish are harmful to the bass population, they are needed in order to maintain a balance in the lake's ecocycle. Bass have no problem defending themselves against the rumbustious little Perch.

Pumpkinseed / Bluegill

Average length = 6 inches Weight = quarter pound

Pumpkinseed and Bluegill (often called Sunfish) play an important role in maintaining the natural balance of the lake. They are a desirable type of fish to have in Preston Lake. Kindly follow the proper catch and release methods.

Catfish (Brown Bullhead) have been spotted in the lake.

OTHER FISH SPECIES: Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye (Pickeral), Muskie or other types of fish do not exist in Preston Lake.

Reminder: DO NOT use live baitfish when fishing. Do NOT put Goldfish or any other kinds of fish into the lake. This is illegal and harmful to the fish. Goldfish and Carp (Suckers) - eat bass eggs, reproduce quickly and are bottom feeders, thus they can greatly reduce water clarity. If caught - kindly remove them from the water.

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