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In July 2003, the Toronto Region Conservation Authority in conjunction with the Ministry of Natural Resources conducted an 'Electro fishing Survey' on our lake. The results were average in comparison to other lakes in Ontario.

The prime reason as to why our bass population can shrink at an alarming rate is due to the following factors...

  • the number of people seen 'fishing out of season' for bass
  • the removal of more than the allowed daily limit of bass (6 per day)
  • illegal fishing methods, including the use of large nets
  • non-residents trespassing and often violating all of the above

Fishing for bass prior to the last week of June is illegal due to the following facts...

  • Male bass guard their nest in the spring (spawning season) which contains eggs, they will protect and attack anything that comes close, including hooks and fishing lures
  • Once the male bass is removed, even for just a minute, Perch will then come and eat the eggs
  • This is why 'Fishing out of season' for bass is not only illegal
    (fines can reach a maximum of $50,000), but it is also considered 'cheating' when someone fishes for bass on purpose during spawning (prior to last week in June)

We ask that you do not fish anywhere close to where bass are spawning, during spring months. Use small hooks and bait that are used for smaller fish such as Perch or Sunfish. if you are going to fish prior to the last week in June (before bass season opens) then it is recommended you fish from the shoreline.

In order to protect our bass population, practice the sport of 'Catch and Release'
as do most professionals and avid fishermen. Bass grow only approx. half a pound a year. So by throwing them back into the water, they will be bigger next year, which increases the challenge and makes them more fun to catch!


Please call 1-877-TIPS-MNR (847-7667) if you see any of the violations noted above or below...

Natural resource violations include any illegal activity against Ontario's fish
and wildlife in forests, parks, lakes and public lands such as:

Fishing or hunting out-of-season
Taking more fish or game than allowed
Unauthorized shoreline alteration or dumping waste on Crown land
Illegally removing sand, gravel or Crown timber from public lands
Night hunting or shooting from a roadway
Having fires in restricted fire zones or without a permit
Any illegal activities in provincial parks and protected areas
The illegal sale of species at risk or animal parts

A member of the public who sees or suspects resource abuse should safely take
note of as much information as possible and call 1-877-TIPS-MNR (847-7667).

Conservation officers will use the following information to investigate immediately.
Helpful information includes:
Vehicle licence plate number, make and model
Date and time of day
Approximate location (road, lake, street address, landmarks)
Details about the suspected activity
Description of any people involved in the incident.

The new toll-free TIPS-MNR reporting line provides a direct line for the public
to report resource violations to the ministry 24 hours a day, seven days a week
from anywhere in Ontario.

The TIPS-MNR line is not an emergency response line.

By working together we can help protect our natural resources from abuse and
illegal activity.

Call: Tim Moody
Enforcement Branch

For General Enquiries call:
Natural Resources Information Centre

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